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I've been watching the tv show Las Vegas...and wondered if anyone else out there had any opinions on the show? I was watching the relationship between Danny & Mary and was really frustrated and angered by the way the producers of the show totally wrote of their relationship!!! Danny & Mary were destined to be together!!! The chemistry between the 2 was effortless and totally believable! They were a TRUE COUPLE with both the physical and emotional connection!!! Therefore i don't understand why their relationship ended? Plus to make things worse...Delinda and Danny got together...and MARY LEFT!!! You would think things couldn't get any worse...but DELINDA'S PREGNANT!!! I HATE THE WAY SHOW MESSED UP EVERYTHING GOOD!!! Danny and Delinda ARE the most POINTLESS COUPLE EVER!!! Their chemistry is soo forced and definetley NOT believable!!! THEY SUCK!!!


And now i've come to a conclusion about shows...the characters that are meant to be together never do!!! So don't bother getting your hopes up! This is shown in The OC, Dawson's Creek, Gilmore Girls, Beverley Hills 90210.

Also the ending or finale of the show will never be how the fans imagined the show to end! PRODUCERS OF ANY SHOW NEVER LISTEN TO THE FANS AND WHAT THEY WANT!!!



Large newrachelimage
Jan 6, 2009 9:44PM EST

One other tidbit of which you should be aware is that due to cost cutting, the actress playing Mary was one of a few that left for the final season, which probably wouldn't have happened if NBC had had more money.That's not to say Danny and Mary would still have ended up together had she stayed, but you never know. It may have been their original plan if they didn't have to get rid of her.Either way, since Danny and Delinda hooked up in the very first episode of the series, I always viewed them as equally-as-destined to be with one another, so I was actually ok with things.

Default avatar cat
Jan 7, 2009 7:56AM EST

Delinda & Danny were all about the physical side of the relationship eg. All about the sex! Whereas like i've said before Danny & Mary had a physical & emotional connection. Danny really loved Mary and it was shown through his reaction when Mary broke off the engagement with him. However he just didn't fight for her. When Mary hooked up with Jake, Danny was heartbroken and his body language showed how uncomfortable he was with Mary being with someone else. There were so many times Danny wanted to say how he really felt about Mary but he just didn't, which was really annoying! The best chance he had and he was close to expressing his emotions to Mary, was when Mary left with Jake to Hawaii, he was looking at her through the surveillance, and his face showed he was still in love with her...he just kept all his emotions closed...and that's what really angered me and infurited me...because him and Mary were really sweet together!!!
Delinda and Danny are so WRONG for each other, i don't consider their relationship as being serious...i just thought it was all sexual nothing else! Plus i hate Delinda...she always wants what she took for granted in the first place....she's the one who called it quits with Danny! Aaaaargh i hate her! I hated season 2 and onwards...the characterisation, plots everything was all about change...and the changes made in my opinion made things worse!!!
I can't believe they axed Mary due to cost cutting they should have axed Delinda, she was irrelevant in the show!!!

Default avatar cat
Oct 21, 2009 1:47PM EDT

Mary was actually one of the weakest characters on the show she never seemed authentic to me which might be attributed to her poor acting. I just never believed in Danny and her, there is absolutely zero chemistry. They try to force the whole childhood sweetheart thing and it appears heavily artificial. They never laugh as though they are friends, never playful, just a FAKE FORCED supposed romance. The Mary character is too TIGHT no fun she's in vegas for god's sake. She drives a stock car 220 miles per hour gets out and acts as though it's business as usual.......NO EMOTION and looking sad for 70 % of the show dosen't constitute emotion It just show very little depth in her character, hey maybe it's the writers fault but everyone else on the show showed a versatility in emotional structure which in my opinion is due to the acting of said character. Mary dare I say it again was too stiff and written to be too needy and too hung up on Danny considering how beautiful she is. (again, maybe all writers fault) Delinda on the other hand is just natural and her character shows an emotional range that is similar to everday people up and down. Marys flatline performance really sucked the life out of her character, even the whole fatherly abuse thing which should be great story line for her to flourish in is always seemingly hijacked by Danny. The better actor.

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