Stonehenge, is there's more to it.

For years they have been trying to tell us that Stonehenge was a place of sacrifice. Those who believe in the relationship to stars and the winter and summer solstice are more on the right track. Those stone circles are all over Africa, and including an ancient megalific .

These people who are playing with our heads and confusing the truth, know far more than they are sharing. This movie connects some of the Stone Circles, giving Stonehenge the lead. But there are many henges could they be inspired by the same designer. The size of the circle is important, though they very rarely talk about it. The number of stones, the direction that they are place. the entrance, the ditch around the circle, this is common. What the stones are made of.

I am not one to believe in a dooms day scenario. They waisted their time in going in that direction. But the connections, of the pyramids, and all the megalift's around the world, having purpose and the same person or persons as their designer, I do find extremely interesting. Father to son, handed down for thousands of years. They say that Stonehenge is 6 to 10,000 years old. Most Henges were done about 3,500 BC according to reports. I find that their dating is way off. Check out the dates of each, the locations, the purpose (if known), Circles were around long before Pyramids. Knowing now that we all came from Africa and the route we took, ... What do you think


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