Cockroaches im sooooo pissed...ive been looking everywheres for the most recent episode of CSI..called Cockroaches..because i missed last weeks show..anyways..after being to like a million websites of trying to find it to download it..where you dont have to live in the united states... i found this one....i was soooooo happy....and then the thing came up where you could watch it while it downloads or it reccomends that you pause it to let it download first so it wont be as jumpy..and after i grunted a few times at having to wait again for it to download..i didnt really care..because at least i knew i was going to be able to watch it..anyways..i checked back in awhile ..and i said that it was like 100% i was estatic.!!...i started to watch it...and then right when i was getting into stopped....and it just went right back to the beginning...i was soooo pissed...but i just closed out and reopened it..and it continued i was like whatever.. just download opening it again..i saw that it downloaded some more...and i was watching it..and then it did the exact same i closed it..and reopened it....BUT...IT STARTED AT dont get me all for waiting for somthing good...but this is rediculous....JUST DOWNLOAD ALREADY!!!! its soooo stupid and confusing and complicated when its not even that complicated in the first place...GOD!!! just work!!! i just wanted this to happen and i was so relieved when i finnaly found a site that actually held up on the promise that you didnt have to pay for the episodes, or you dont have to upload anything first..or you have to be in the united states or the United Kingdom....i was relieved i finnally found a site..where none of that stuff applied..and then this happend... GAH!!! i have seen is like 20 minutes of the show...and im just left hanging...this sucks ROYALLY!


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