One Piece Season 9, Episode 315: Its Name is The New World! Review

This episode had the departure of Garp and his ship, after Luffy had a pretty long informative talk with Koby and Helmeppo. Luffy, and Nami who was spying on the conversation found out the identity of a Marine scientist - Dr. Vengapunk who created a covering for the ship to safely pass in and out of the Grand Line through the Calm Belt without passing through Reverse Mountain. Vengapunk also identifies the devil fruits pros/cons of a particular user.

A very useful piece of information that Coby spoke about is the name of where One Piece is known as the New World, meaning where the Pirate King would usher in a new World era. (The Pirate Age came with Gold D. Roger.) The ending of this episode started the celebration of the entire Water 7 island in a large fiesta hosted by the Mugiwara.

Aokiji also came to speak with Robin, he told her of his background friendship with Saul and then ending the conversation by stating that he will not capture Robin at the moment as he has watched over her for years, deciding to let her live now that she found a place she can belong to.

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