Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Season 1, Episode 22 Review: Distant Backs

As this show continues on, I really find myself amazed at how many key episodes there are with really big moments, both visually and in terms of story. And how many of these events take place within the same episode, revealing so much yet with the knowledge that there is still so much more out there to be discovered and played out. Backs in the Distance plays a number of angles, all quite well, while giving two characters a chance to truly shine and show us who they are and some of what makes them so well defined.

The bulk of this episode revolves around what Ed and Al have done, though not quite their original intent. While they wanted to use Scar to draw out the homunculi, they do have to deal with Scar himself. And that's becoming more of a problem as the fight draws out. What's thrown into the mix is the arrival of Winry after she finds out that Ed's in a scrap again and she conveniently finds him just as he reveals what happens to her parents while dealing with Scar. This puts Winry in a very difficult and defining moment for herself, whether she'll take direct action against him or whether she'll freeze up over it.

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