One Piece Season 9, Episode 316: Shanks Moves! Ceremony to the Rampaging Age Review

I can say that this episode can be separated into three parts. First part had a continuation from 315's big fiesta, the second which is the title bearer - with Shanks finally meeting Whitebeard. I wonder if Whitebeard is by anyway related the the giants. He's quite huge. I don't know what my impression of Ace's captain is but I am quite leery of Whitebeard. Anyhow Shanks and Whitebeard were talking about Blackbeard, which no good can come of it.

The third part being back in Water 7, Tom's Workers join up with Franky in making the Mugiwara's new boat, which would be Thousand Sunny. Another minor part that occurred in the third part was also Nami's realization that with the W7's large fiesta - the Mugiwara is dead broke and out of the 100 million berri they had from Skypia.

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