One Piece Season 1, Episode 34 Review: The Belle of the Brawl

When looking through the reviews I've written, I've noticed I score some episodes or shows pretty high. Though there's only one other review out of the hundred with the perfect ten rating. Not that I think this episode, as well as the others are flawless or anything, but they both deserve this amount of praise, and the 9.9 rating for some reason doesn't feel deserving enough. Now, the last thing I expected from One Piece is all contained within this very episode. It's filled with emotion, drama, twists, and even anticipation for the next episode! The entire time I've been watching just this single episode, it made me feel good. I wanted to see more, I didn't want it to end. It felt like ten episodes in one, which is why this is by far one of the best episodes ever. Oh yeah, if you're watching that crappy 4Kids version over the Japanese one, then your opinion will vary greatly.

We continue where the first episode left off; Arlong and his crew head towards Bellemere's house for her to pay off her life debt. Though unfortunately, she only has a little over 100 000 beli, which doesn't reach the 200 000 requirement in order to live. 100 000 beli was the price for adults, and 50 000 was for the kids. So, what actually ends up happening? That's for you to find out. Bellemere's speech afterwards are some of the most couragous and strongest words you'll ever hear in a TV show. If One Piece's original nature wasn't so comical, and carried a more serious interface ala Cowboy Bebop, then I probably would have shedded a tear. Despite the use in style, it's still a very touching moment.

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