One Piece Season 1, Episode 2: Enter the Great Swordsman! Pirate Hunter Roronoa Zoro! Review

Luffy and Coby head off to a near by town, where they plan on parting ways soon. Coby always dreamed of joining the marines to capture pirates, and Luffy dreams of collecting a crew in order to gain the treasure One Piece. Soon, their dreams start to unraval as a person named Zoro is being held captive in the local Marine building, which greatly interests Luffy. And coincidentally, Coby is headed the same way so he can be recruited. Though it seems like things didn't turn out the way as expected; Zoro isn't really a bad guy, just a man who was held prisoner due to a tyrant threatening the civilians, and the Marines aren't all that good as well.

Though Luffy, who's confident that Morgan, the local captain to the marines force in the area, isn't as strong as him, which allows his mind to defy all laws established by the authority. His plan seems to succeed as Morgan's statue breaks thanks to Luffy, who also got nearly hit by a bullet when elastic man repelled them in an attempt to shield Zoro from his execuation.

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