11eyes Early Impressions

Another series that was high on my list this season, the initial impression I'm left with is an amazing world filled with less than amazing characters. The dark tone of 11eyes comes across very well in the first few moments of the series. An introduction steeped in mysterious girls and pools of blood, this opening sequence will get you involved.

After that though, 11eyes actually has to start relying on its characters and dialogue which is where the problems begin. While it's still early, it's hard to ignore the fact that the main characters of this series are thin at best and boring at worst. The monologues and dialogue exchanges are drawn out and just take too long to get anywhere. The first running theme of the series is the relationship between Kakeru and Yuka and how everyone in the world wants them to get together but they don't know how. Awkwardly introduced, this leads to way too many early odd exchanges that slow down the pace way too often.

The character designs have gotten my attention but not necessarily for the best reasons. Kakeru wears a patch the size of Texas over his right eye. Yes, it is explained later why he is wearing an eye patch to begin with. And yes, perhaps the size and style of the patch has some relevance that I don't know about yet. Right here and right now though, it seems oddly out of character for someone who wants to sink into the background to wear something that would call attention from everyone in anything that wasn't an anime.

It's not perfect or even great but the premiere of 11eyes delivers a nice mystery to hook fans in with. There are still a lot of things to complain about but this is a series worth giving a second chance to. If you enjoyed Pandora Hearts or Fate/Stay Night, this is a series that you'll at least want to give a chance.

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