One Piece Season 1, Episode 38 Review: The Comeback Kid

They cut the entire scene with Usopp vs. Chu in half to make Usopp look more weak than they already make him out to be! Honestly, if they cut out Sogeking AND Usopp's character developement in Arabasta along with the 5 ton hammer scene, I'll kill them! Seriously, they've edited so much out of these fights. Like, when Sanji fight Karoubi, originally, Karoubi was about to unleash a devastating attack only to realize that Sanji wasn't there. What did 4kids do? They made him look twice as smart by having him holding out his fist for no reason. This is ten times worse, by the way. Seriously, it seems as if 4kids wants Usopp to look bad and make everybody want to omit him from the show because they probably don't even want him. All they want are cheap thrills and a mint. Honestly, 4kids should start paying more attention to the show and not their money intake. But seriously, for once, Usopp gets in on the action and that was cool, and the opening of Luffy and Arlong's fight was excellent! From Bell to Gattling Gun (Rapid Fire for some reason), that start was sweet. And seeing a villain live through all of that makes it more interesting. Anyway, I guess cleverly plotted basically shows that Oda was smart to have Usopp put up such an amazing fight. Course, I used to love all dubbed eps and was willing to give this a 10 until I saw the original which had ten times the drama. Seriously 4kids, stop editing art. To edit One Piece so drastically would be like rewriting Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter. Seriously, this is worse than what Matt Groening's writers did to The Simpsons.

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