One Piece Season 1, Episode 2: Enter the Great Swordsman! Pirate Hunter Roronoa Zoro! Review

Luffy hears about Roronoa Zoro from Coby. OH NO! Luffy wants Zoro to join his crew? How will Luffy do that after all Zoro is one of the most notorious pirate hunters? Do you still want him Luffy? Yes. Then let's get him. It is time to get the second Strawhat. But there is stuff in the way. Helmeppo has put him in "jail" and made a promise to him that if he lives a month he will not execute the little girl. Is Zoro really that nice? I bet Luffy wants him in his crew now.

I gave this episode an 8.9/10 because Thos is the beginning of Roronoa Zoro a member of the Strawhat crew. If this was the dub then I would give this a 2.1/10 because simply 4Kids dubbed it.

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