One Piece Season 1, Episode 39 Review: Wanted!

I'm writing this to show my disgust with the way that this episode, or should I say trio of episodes, was editted.

Spoilers Alert!

The biggest problem I have is with the short scene with Shanks and Mihawk. The ending of the scene made me wonder what could have happened to make him bloodthirsty and plan to kill a friend that was just giving him a message.

As it turns out, the scene was editted and this is what was missing:

After Shanks says he can't leave, he meant Mihwak couldn't leave without having a drink with him.

So, instead of seeing Shanks the way that he should be shown, the carefree joker that wants to have fun drinking with a friend, we're temporarily left to believe that he's become a horrible man in the last ten years and would actually kill Mihawk for giving him the message about Luffy (regardless of whether he actually could when you consider how tough Mihawk is).

The only reason for this editting that I can see is that the US producers didn't want to show SHanks promoting people drinking (regardless of what they would be drinking), but they are fine with letting viewers believes that Luffy's childhood hero is now a cold-blooded psycho.

Just my rant. I hope that other sagree with this view, if not I apoligize for my insulting comments, but they are how I honestly feel.

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