Episode #04-05

After subduing the rebel armies, Sousou and her troops return to Shao. Upon her return she sees Chouhi and Bachou. Bachou, however, screams out Sousou's name and charges at her; but for what reason?

The group meets Toutaku, the Governess of Zhao, and she informs everyone that she came to investigate a rumor that a monster has been threatening a village. While they implore the help of strategist Ka Ku, Kan'u and friends decide to take on the 'monster' despite being a bit weary and scared about facing it.

I once remember someone linking a fake "motivational poster" saying the armpits were Touhou fans' idea of fanservice. Apparently, Sousou would seem to be a Touhou fan (of course she would, since Touhou is almost all female characters). Of course, Sousou's lust for female flesh seems insatiable, and she has Kan'u immediately in her sights.

That will become a major plot point after Sousou returns to town from defeating the bandits. For Bachou, no sooner than she see Sousou, attacks her, claiming that Sousou had killed her father. Of course, as Sousou has many guards, and Chouhi interferes, Bachou is captured. Kan'u, when she learns of this, goes to see Sousou to see if she would spare Bachou and release her. Sousou agrees for a price: a night with Kan'u.

Things don't exactly turn out the way Sousou wants, however, as an assassin appears just as she is about to put the moves on Kan'u. Well, you can't always get what you want.

In the next episode, Kan'u, Chouhi and Chouun (Bachou has left the group) are walking in the mountains when they meet a young girl being threatened by a group of bandits. They rescue her, of course, and she says that hr name is Tonton, and that she is traveling to a nearby village. As they then travel together, Tonton tells the group about a mysterious letter that came to the village, threatening them with disaster if they did not give food at the nearby temple.

When the group comes to the village, they hear from the village chief himself about the monster. Of course, Chouun volunteers the group to defeat the monster. Kan'u and Chouhi are a little hesitant, but Tonton uses the Power of Cute to overcome her hesitation.

While waiting at the temple, Chouun tells a ghost story which completely freaks out Chouhi and Kan'u. The monsters takes this occasion to appear. In reality, it's a person, a very strong one. Who has a cute phone strap mascot attached to her polearm of choice. The next day, they go back to the temple to look for clues, and they track down the monster, who is just a martial artist named Ryofu Housen. She was asking for the food to feed her pet dogs, which number around 50.

More inane silliness using cute versions of historical figures. The first episode was rather on the perverted side, as Sousou seems to be insatiable in her lust for female flesh, especially the dark-haired beauty Kan'u. The second episode really turns things on its head as what was originally a tyrannical old man is turned into an overwhelmingly cute young girl who manages to get her way through massive manipulation and The Power of Cute. In the end, this show is crap, but it's relatively entertaining crap and a perfectly fine way to pass the time.

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