One Piece Season 1, Episode 40 Review: Roguetown

Luffy and the gang arrive at the town of the beginning and the end! Rougetown! This is the place where the King of the pirates, Gold Rodger, was born, raised, and executed!Luffy decides that he wants to see the gallos. Meanwhile a naval Genral, Genral Chaser, is notified about Luffy being in his town but is givin no picture. Meanwhile Luffy still can't find the Gallos, so he stops at a bar where an old man tells him about Gold Rodger. Genral Chaser then gets a picture of Luffy and finds him at the gallos! After a quick little fight Luffy accidentally sends himself flying. And Buggy and his new crew member find out that Luffy is in town.

I loved this episode but was very disappointed to find my fav characters name was changed. Smoker to Chaser. But other wise I loved the episode, after Buggy comeing back and Chaser haveing a quick fight with Luffy. Can't wait to see Alvida fully though. She's alot skinnyer by eating a Devil fruit that makes attaks fly right off of her. Well, anyway this episode fetured Luffy. Next one features Zolo! Looking forward to it!

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