Astro Boy first weekend

And the results are...Astro Boy has pulled in a resounding $7,017,000 in its first weekend. It screened in 3,014 theaters and averaged $2,328 and that was good enough to land it in sixth place. Imagi spent $65 million making the movie however so this is less than happy news for the studio. ANN laid out the comparisons for everyone as well:

Ponyo (2009) earned US$3,585,852 in 927 theaters (US$3,868 average)

Dragonball: Evolution (2009) earned US$4,756,488 in 2,181 theaters (US$2,181 average)

Speed Racer (2008) earned US$18,561,337 in 3,606 theaters (US$5,147 average)

IMAGI's TMNT film (2007) earned US$24,255,205 in 3,110 theaters (US$7,799 average)

I gave Astro Boy a lot of crap over the weekend but I never did get a chance to hit the theater. I plan to see it this week and I suspect I will find a halfway decent movie that vaguely resembles an anime I once watched. I suspect that box office numbers aren't going to make this movie into a profit but DVD sales will. Still, with Imagi banking on this film to do well I hope that this doesn't put the Gatchaman film into any jeopardy. That's not me hinting that I know something regarding the project, that's just me not wanting to cross another movie off the list.

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