Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Season 1, Episode 27 Review: Interlude Party

After twenty-six episodes with only one week off I believe, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood takes a breather with a recap episode that uses a bit of a framework in which to tell it. The show has had a lot going on in its first twenty-six episodes that any recap is going to really not do it justice, but it's a time honored tradition to try and actually do it. With all that's gone on in the in the last few episodes, and the previous one in particular, I have to admit that a bit of a breather isn't a bad thing so everything can soak in a little bit.

The recap works around the idea of Hohenheim sitting on a fallen tree as numerous people are dancing around a large campfire in front of him. At his side, sharing a drink, is an adult version of Pinako which is just bizarre to see since we've only seen her in her diminutive size. The two engage in discussions about the nature of man and the way he always seems to go to war, cause violence and never learn from past mistakes. Throughout the conversation there are times when others get involved, including different aspects of Hohenheim himself but also different aged versions of his wife and children. The past is something that definitely haunts him but it's what pushes him to his goals, even if there is internal conflict within.

Amusingly, the best parts of this episode are the new opening and closing sequences. The new opening sequence is full of vibrancy and action, definitely the kind that gets you sucked right into it. The ending may be the best though as it focuses largely on Winry as she works away at the shop in Rush Valley. What I liked about this is that it shows her working hard and carving out her own place in life. While we know she has strong feelings for Ed, seeing her focusing on herself and her goals and training and work is highly appealing and speaks very well for her. It's not nearly as action packed as the opening, it is mostly just stills, but it's the best way to end an episode and get you to reflect on it.

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Nov 9, 2009 11:28AM EST

Nice summation. I didn't hate that episode like so many others do - and after the epicness of episode 26, it was a wonderful reminder of how long it took for Ed to get there. So what if Hohenheim drunk on a log wasn't in the manga? I wouldn't watch the anime if it were EXACTLY like the manga.
however - I'm not convinced by the song for the opening credits. I feel like the first FMA series had better music in every respect.

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