One Piece Season 1, Episode 41 Review: Switched Blades

After Zolo accidentally breaks a naval officer's, Tashegi, glasses she wants him to pay for new ones by working for her at the naval base! When he is spotted and recognized he has to run but leaves her money for the glasses...He goes to the sword shop to find new swords when Tashegi shows up and helps him pick two new swords. Then Buggy and Chaser find out that Luffy is at the Gallos.

Tashegi looks like Kuina! Thats weird! this episode featured Zolo. But I have to say it was slightly boring...The only things that I liked about this episode was when Zolo used his Santoyu skill to wipe the floors. And I am very happy that Zolo finally got two new swords! Now he can use Santoyu against his opponents again! Makes the fighting more interesting.

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