One Piece Season 9, Episode 318: The Mother is Strong! Review

From the previews of episode 318, I had thought that this episode would be similar to when Sanji faced off against Carmen back in Loguetown. But the episode was quite different. Sanji got stuck with Chimney and Gonbe, while he brought food supplies. Then he met this old man who actually recognizes Sanji as Zeff's apprentice. Actually he calls Zeff a kid, Sanji was shocked by this, but as he talks with the cook, his belief in All Blue is renewed making him not regret the fact of joining up with the Mugiwara.

The old gramps though, cooks a fried rice dish for Sanji. Sanji then spent this episode looking for the ingredient that made the simple dish delicious and in the end found out that it was the salt from the sea water of Aqua Laguna. On the rooftop of every Water 7 building is salt. This is what makes a very skillful cook stay in a small place like Water 7, the existence of a wonderful ingredient. The episode ended with the Mugiwara crew enjoying a pasta dish made with Water 7's salt. There was no preview though, so what a crushing ending to this episode.. however it make the anticipation for 320 grows.. which is airing on August 19! Arggg!!!!!

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