One Piece Season 9, Episode 307: The Island Sinking in Gunfire! Review

One again the anime drags the angst and action longer, I wish they'll catch up with the manga already. I was quite bored with the scenes of Luffy and Rob Lucci's fight since there was nothing new. Still what got me this episode was the fact that the Mugiwara Pirates reunited with Robin and there were lots of Sanji funny moments in this episode.

Well it turns out that Kokoro is an icefish mermaid, while the Mugiwara kept calling her a Dugong, which is a version of a sea cow. From the way she looked, it totally blew Ussop, Zolo and Sanji's fantasies aside, especially Sanji. He was so devastated that it was funny. Not fun for him, but it is honest to say that his ideas on beauty is very superficial.

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