One Piece Season 10, Episode 423: A Reunion in Hell?! Review

Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)

After getting back on board at a relatively decent place with the previous episode, One Piece moves forward a little bit more with episode 423 as Luffy is finally and truly inside the Impel Down prison. So much of the previous episode revolved around the ever so slow infiltration into the prison that I wondered how slow the next couple of episodes might have progressed. I didn't really have to worry as even though this episode is a bit slow in places, and surprisingly quiet for a show that I've only known to be loud, it does start moving along at a decent pace.

The main thrust of the show continues to be Luffy making his way towards rescuing his brother, Ace, who we have learned is on the fourth lower level of Impel Down in the ''fire fists area. There are a few little nods here and there to other events going on, such as the talk that Ace is having and some of the quirky moments as Hanabayal talks about the prison and his place in it, but by and large it's about Luffy sneaking down. He's close to being caught at several turns, particularly right at the start when he's hiding under Hancock's skirt and she being told to remove her cloak so they can put special handcuffs on her.

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