One Piece Season 2 Part 1 Review

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It's always hard to start a new season, better yet a story, on the same level of level of intensity as the previous. At the end of Season 1, we last saw the Straw Hats leaving Loguetown, heading towards the Grand Line. Supposedly, Captain Smoker and Buggy were pursuing them and not too far behind. That last episode left me with the impression that there was going to be a battle, or at least some conflict at sea with Smoker, Buggy, and the Straw Hats. Disappointingly, this was not the case for how Season 2 starts out. Also, what follows is a bit of reprieve from the content based on Eiichi Oda's manga.

The first half the collection focuses on a short story arc (also known as the Apis Arc or Warship Island arc) involving a girl named Apis. She is found by the Straw Hats out in the middle of the sea in a row boat, Apis was held prisoner by the Marines until she managed to escape during a storm. Sympathizing with her plight, Luffy agrees to take the girl home to Warship Island. Here, they discover that she knows the location of living, breathing Millennium Dragon. Supposedly, an immortality potion can be made from their bones. Commander Nelson and Erik the Whirlwind will stop at nothing to get some.

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