One Piece Season 1, Episode 43 Review: Buggy's Back

Possibly one of my favorite epsiodes, it fight seen at the start was extreamly good, even though 4kids had hacked at it. In fact, I recall Zolo slashing a pirate's back open with his sword, and I cried Awesome! out aloud. Sanji's fight was also very good, a guy got his head smashed into the ground. They should make more fight scenes like that one.

But what is the deal with all the cursed fruits being called double names in the English version. Can't 4kids be more creative? Gum gum? Slip slip? Smoke smoke? Well, when they revieled Smoker's (Chaser) Cursed Fruit, I was expecting Puff Puff, or something stupid like that after hearing Alvida's Slip Slip instead of Smooth.

Great episode!

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