One Piece Season 9, Episode 312: Thank You Merry! The Sea of Separation in the Snow Review

This was such a profound episode, I was actually in tears throughout this entire episode. The last episode, had all of Mugiwara and their friends jumping into the ocean and Merry catching them.

Water 7's Aqua Laguna Iceberg-san had fixed Merry one last time and to realize that the beloved ship would take such measures to rescue its human crew just overwhelmed my thoughts for the moment. It brought to my mind the fact on how people can get attached to possessions they have and since Merry was a boat, it was interesting to see it adopt the form of human to thank the riders riding on it to communicate their desires.

The art for the episode looks very much like art from Kemonozume and One Piece's 6th movie which I didn't enjoy that much. The art looks a little too stilled and CGI for me.

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