One Piece Season 2 Part 2 Review

Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers).

When we last saw the Straw Hat crew, they were a docked at the crazy town of Whiskey Peak. And, we also had Zoro and Luffy literally at each other's throats over a miscommunication of sorts.

The crew quickly learns the identity of Miss Wednesday as none other than Princess Vivi of Arabasta. With her identity known by everyone on the island, including all of the Baroque Wroks bounty hunters, she makes her plea to the Straw Hats. How can Luffy turn this down? So, they set sail as Igaram (Mr. 8) sacrifices himself to create a diversion as the Going Merry flees Whiskey Peak.

Thinking they have made their escape, the gang comes across the mysterious Miss Sunday, the Baroque Works' second in command. She teasingly attempts to offer them an Eternal Compass to an island near Arabasta to help them as she knows they will have to aimlessly wonder around the seas without a compass. Luffy breaks it instead of allowing an enemy to decide their destination.

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