Episode #03

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It took The Final Act only three episodes to provide us with an episode that was ninety percent filler material. Apparently, the time has come for the fox demon advancement test, and Shippo finds his tricks against Inu Yasha are advancing his rank in the eyes of his peers. Most of the episode has Shippo and other fox demons trying to trick the entire group to earn those valuable points before the morning.

In actual plot development, Sesshomaru has had a change of heart upon seeing Kagura’s death. Tenseiga has accepted him as its true master allowing Sesshomaru to master the Meido Zangetsuha technique. This allows Tenseiga to be wielded as an offensive weapon capable of opening a path to the underworld to absorb the opponent’s body.

Meanwhile, Inu Yasha runs across an old demon wielding a sword that can absorb demonic energy much like Tetsusaiga. However, its absorption power is much more powerful than Tetsusaiga. The demon is easily defeated leaving Inu Yasha staring thoughtfully at the other sword.

The saving grace of this episode is the chuckles that Shippo’s antics manage to produce. It does not seem an appropriate time for such filler, but it managed to be slightly more entertaining than the usual filler the series has provided in the past. However, the transition to the battle with the power absorbing sword was abrupt; it could have easily been a running thread through the fox demon trials. Instead, it felt tacked on at the end in order to drive Inu Yasha to another possible upgrade of his own.

While the episode elicited some chuckles, it imparted few new developments to the plot. It was odd to see filler in a series only three episodes old, especially after a long hiatus. This could be what the target audience is expecting, but it misses the mark for my tastes.

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