One PIece Season 1, Episode 10: The Bluff and the Bluffer Review

Luffy and Ussop discover that Django, a mysterious hypnotist who's blown into town, is here to see Klahadore... Who, in reality, is the long-thought-dead pirate, Captain Kuro! They make a plan to make Kaya write a will and then kill her! Klahadore and Django spots Luffy and Ussop spying on them and Django makes Luffy fall asleep. Ussop runs into town to tell the people. Will the towns' people believe him or will they think that he is lying?

When I say a very special episode it has to do w/ the appearence of Jango who has a striking resemblence to Micheal Jackson even tho the author of One Piece, Oda-san did not even know about Jackson what a coincidence!! o gosh!

They finished more in this episode than in the last but frankly this episode wasn't all that great anyways. Although I did love the arguement about the weird vs strange debate that was great! And now the question has been answered!

It was the butler!!!!!

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