Air Master Season 1, Episodes #01- #04

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Searching for the feelings she had when she was younger, Maki Aikawa delves into the world of street fighting as the Airmaster.

Fighting series do seem to come and go in waves and at the time Air Master was first being released by Toei in the US, they were few and far between. They've had a few waves since then and there have been a few in the last year we've seen. In watching these other shows, it came back to us that we never did finish out Air Master and similar to what we did with Slam Dunk, streaming it via the FUNimation video portal seemed the way to get back into it. Fighting shows may not be in vogue but there have been a fair number of fighting series out in the last few years that have shifted the focus away from the beefy and brawny men and instead letting the women get into the act and really throwing the moves. Air Master follows in this line but unlike a lot of the others that are filled with oh so pretty girls, the designs here are a bit rougher and probably a fair bit more realistic in their nature.

Air Master has a fairly simple plot to go buy in its early stages and while I expect a few twists and turns along the way it's not a series that I think will be really epic but instead nicely focused. We're introduced to Maki Aikawa, a high school student who is unlike most of her friends in a number of ways. She's practically a foot taller than everyone else so she often stands out from there. Her general look in addition to that is of someone that's hard something of a rough time in life, her features seem more angular in some ways and her eyes show that she's fairly uninterested in things in general. She has the look of someone searching for something and letting most everything else just pass her by.

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