Air Master Season 1, Episodes #05- #08

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After being surprised at how enjoyable the first set of four episodes was, the second installment was something I had hopes for in being able to keep the energy going but not by repeating the same thing. Thankfully, it doesn't repeat itself but instead introduces a new fighter that takes a few episodes to get through and expands on the life and relationships of Maki and the others.

With Maki continually searching for someone new and more powerful to fight to bring that feeling she so desires to life, she ends up meeting someone who pretty much lives the same way and is in search of the same thing. Their first meeting on a sidewalk where the tall dark haired man dressed in a slick suit simply grabs her and kisses her sets the stage for the relationship beautifully. Introducing himself as Julietta, he takes an interesting tactic by buying a huge chunk of candies and sweets from a streetside vendor for her and throws her friends off by tossing a lot of it in the street to distract them. Only Mina seems to be concerned heavily about this since she feels Maki is hers and she tries to get in the way of things but Maki is so confused after the kiss and the strange way that Julietta acts that it leaves her unable to really respond.

We do get a bit of filler on this volume but it was one that I was curious to see how it'd be handled as the gang heads off to the ocean to go to the beach for a day. This means swimsuits for people like Maki and Mina and that means base level comedy but comedy that still manages to work. Maki's awkwardness, especially as she starts getting called model material, is quite fun to watch but more so how Mina handles all the adoration. The other two find themselves in a quandary about being able to win but their odds come up a bit better when Maki finds out there's an amateur fighting competition going on elsewhere that's far more interesting to her. She gives some powerful words of advice to Mina about the contest which leads to a scene with her that's just so wrong and you know you shouldn't laugh but it was just far too funny not to.

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