One Piece Season 1 Part 3 Review

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In the last piece of One Piece, (Ooops...I'm starting to sound like the old 4Kids dub) we left Luffy and Sanji in the midst of a huge fight with Don Krieg at the Baratie. It's amazing that Baratie can still float at this point. Don Krieg is losing control of his siege as Ghin is completely conflicted about the orders that he has been given. He is to take out the guys who saved him when he was starved. Even Luffy and Sanji argue about what is in the best interest of the restaurant while Chef Zeff is held at gunpoint. In the end, Ghin makes a choice based on his sense of honor that turns the tide and opens up an opportunity for Luffy and Sanji to send the Don Kreig gang packing.

The fight that ensues between Luffy and Don Krieg is shonen-epic at its best. Luffy has to be bailed out by Sanji because of the curse that is associated with the Devil Fruit Luffy can't swim and he sinks when in water. This leads to Sanji having to risk his life to swim deep into the ship wreckage to save Luffy. This very reminiscent of Chef Zeff's rescuing of Sanji all those years ago. In the end, chore boy Luffy defeats Don Krieg and saves the Baratie. It's amazing that the Baratie can still float after all of the fighting. Ghin gathers up the Don Krieg crew and a crazed Don Krieg and sets sail. Ghin promises not to come back to the Baratie. Ghin and Krieg's pirate departure leave us to believe that we might just see them again.

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