Episode #03

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It seems like the girls need some cash. Obviously, trouble is sure to follow.

We start off with Lord Enshou (Yuan Shao), a rather buxom blond, being teased by Sousou (Cao Cao). Sousou has been sent to Enshou's region in order to clear up the bandit problem. This is just the warm up, as our trio of Kan'u, Chouhi, and Chouun find themselves low on cash, so they find work at a local…maid cafe. Maid cafe? In late Han China? Okay then.

So, it turns out that Chouhi is not the best maid server out there. In fact, she is an utter disaster. So, she is told to go back to the inn and wait. But on the way there, she falls in with a traveling martial artist named Bachou (Ma Chao), who tells Chouhi about a martial arts contest to be held that day. The two go off and participate in the contest, and they both make it to the final match. As they are fighting for the prize, both of them are revealed to have empty stomachs, as the loud growling betrays their hunger. The tournament's sponsor, none other than the pompous Lord Enshou, decides to call the match a draw, and invites both Chouhi and Bachou to her palace for a feast. She also wishes to recruit them as generals for her army. Of course, her subordinates Bunshuu (Wen Chou) and Ganryou (Yan Liang) are not too happy at the prospect of competition, and so they ask their lord not to recruit Chouhi and Bachou.

So, Enshou devises a little contest between the two pairs, testing their intelligence, beauty, and strength. Being a pompous fool, Enshou, of course, makes the contests a little odd, and in the end, Chouhi and Bachou decide to forfeit the match during the third part of the contest and leave. Once back at the inn, Chouhi is fussed over by Kan'u, who was worried about her, and they are introduced to Chouhi's new friend, Bachou. So now there are four girls in the party.

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