Episode Recap: "Gone Baby Gone"

It's the 150th episode of CSI: Miami, and it's a race against the clock to save a kidnapped baby. Guest star Teri Polo plays the distraught mother who has a few secrets of her own tucked away. All CSI hands are on deck to find the baby before it's too late.

On what appears to be some kind of promenade, a couple yells at a women (Teri Polo) "that's my baby - you took her!" and another man holds her back while the couple takes the baby and leaves before the man saw the women's photo album sprawled on the ground and realizes it really was her baby that he just let someone else take. Horatio shows up on the scene to question the woman whose baby (Sophie) was taken — Mrs. Walsh.

Calleigh and Horatio go to the family home and Calleigh asks for DNA from the wife, husband and older son. The kidnappers call with a masked voice and ask for $500k in ransom. Calleigh tells Mrs. Walsh that if she pays the ransom, the kidnappers have no reason to keep her alive. Eric comes in and talks to Keith, the son and asks him about a broken window out back. He says someone threw a baseball through it. Eric prints the baseball and can't find a match.


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