One Piece Season 1, Episode 11: The War at the Shore Review

Zolo and Nami wake up Luffy and Ussop tries to save Kaya but Merry shoots him in the arm and he runs off. Kaya gets Kuro non-slip glasses but he smashes them and almost murders Merry. They put oil on one shore but the pirates show up on the north shore! They all head their, Luffy leaving first. Ussop beats them all there even though Luffy left first. Luffy didn't know what way was north! So he gets lost and doesn't make it there till later. But till then Ussop and Nami are fighting for there lives until Ussop get hit in the head by a giant mallet leaving Nami to fight alone. Just then Luffy and Zolo show up and the fight begins!

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