Episode #01

Carrying on from the first season, it's clear what this show is. It's nerd wish-fulfillment of the highest order. What boy who is not with the "in" crowd has not dreamed of somehow gaining the affection of the homecoming queen, even if it's not official love or a relationship just yet? Of course, things are not that simple, as it appears another girl also likes him. In its favor, the show is fairly lively, sprinkled with simple, throwaway humor, and, refreshingly, the little sister character is not out to stop the boy from getting the girl, but is instead all in favor of him. On the other hand, the show can't help but employ some of the usual cliches of the romantic comedy genre, including the "Are they, aren't they?" dillydallying about, as well as the all-too-common love triangle involving a boy who in real life would probably be lucky to score a date at all at the wealthy private school he attends, let alone snare the attention of the school's hottest girl, and the other one is not bad either. But, for those who would like to imagine that they too could wind up attracting the notice of the girl of their dreams, but are in touch with reality enough to know that that is not going to happen, this show may be some comfort for your tortured soul.

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