Sasameki Koto Early Impressions

I went into Sasameki Koto knowing only one thing: yuri romantic comedy. What I found soon afterwards is easily one of the best premieres of the season.Wonderful exactly because of its ability to not bowl you over with its presentation, right away it's really easy to feel at ease with this series. The characters and writing are all so easy going that it's easy to forget about the melodrama that is seeping in during every scene.The primary thing that concerned me about this being a romantic comedy was what the tone of the humor was going to be. Sasameki Koto isn't afraid to use the girls sexuality for their jokes but it's never played up for cheap laughs.Even when it's not trying to be funny though, Sasameki Koto has an incredible gentle feel to it thanks to many quiet moments.

The animation created by AIC retains a really soft feel that matches the story and characters. The color palette is light but it's never blindingly bright.

Playing into each scene, the music throughout the episode is made up of a number of nice string and piano themes. Just like everything else in this episode though, the music tends to be very quiet and not overpowering.

For not knowing what to expect when I started, Sasameki Koto did a great job of giving me an answer. An entertaining premiere, this is one that I would push towards anyone who wants something light hearted with a side of substance. The story and feeling behind this series feels stronger than with most series I've watched this season and already makes me want to see more.

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