The Mentalist: "Ladies in Red"

Simon Baker is captivating in this role, and is constantly able to grab my attention away from my iPhone, my computer in a way that most shows just aren't doing these days. Even with that knowledge, though, the episode remained engaging and well worth taking the time to watch.

This week a secretive banker is killed and there are a variety of potential suspects, including his wife, and a couple of dance club owners. This series continues to impress with weekly procedural stories that are both engaging and creative. Each suspect had their time to shine as the potential killer, and the writing of the episode did a good job of convincing you at different points that each of them was in fact the murderer.

Still - this show remains one that I'm glad I've been watching, and that I will continue to enjoy throughout the season. If you're not tuning into this - you should be. That's been the case with The Mentalist thus far. The major ongoing plot from the pilot has not been reintroduced yet and I'm much more interested in that than I am in any "case of the week". It's hard to for me to review these procedural shows, though. Many times it's the same thing every week.


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