True Blood Review (Season 1, Episode Unknown)

We all know they'll end up together again, but for now she's won Sam the were barkeep's approval. After the incident at the vampire bar, Sookie has completely reevaluated her relationship with Bill. Bill's performance with the policeman really struck a chord with Sookie He finally works up the courage to ask Sookie out to grandmother's historical society meeting. When Sam and Sookie arrive at the meeting, Bill is already there as the guest of honor. I certainly didn't see that coming and I can only imagine the horrific impact that it will have on the generally sunny and positive Sookie and the already unstable Jason. Sookie returns home, having made a good faith attempt at a date with Sam, to find her grandmother dead.

Bill dealt with the pain of his lost humanity, the townspeople took a step forward in understanding vampires and LaFayette got to beat up some bigots. Pleasantly, my rather bleak outlook on the show last week was reversed. Now alone, Bill flashes back to his civil war days, before he became a vampire. A soldier fleeing the Yankees, he sought refuge in a cabin with a new widow. The widow is a vampire and she feeds on Bill. The widow claims Bill as her own and makes him a vampire. The widow offers herself to Bill and he recoils not wanting to sully his marriage.

In truth, RedWood has been far more shallow a show than I was expecting. The show has been twisting and turning its way around the civil rights question for four episodes. To my surprise, this time the show finally brought some real emotion. After four episodes, it finally dawned on me last week that RedWood may in fact not be a parable about civil rights and the need for integration and acceptance in small town America.


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