The Mentalist: "Pilot"

The Mentalist is a show I almost skipped. The title did not (and does not) make me think that the show is going to be anything spectacular. Before I go any further let me say that The Mentalist as a concept is a complete mish-mash of several popular shows most of which are on USA Network. So, about 15 minutes into the show’s airing, I turned on the DVR and started watching not expecting much. What I found was a show that is engaging, well written, and very, very interesting. You could almost call it a serious version of Psych with just a little Monk thrown in for shingles. Pepper on a little CSI-inspired plotting and style and you have The Mentalist in a nutshell.

His sense of humor can literally make you laugh at a guy getting shot which is interesting to say the least. It’s the execution of this show that makes it work. Patrick Jane is a very interesting character that oozes the cool of a George Clooney or Val Kilmer (from 10 years ago).

From the formulaic perspective the show is nothing that you haven’t seen before but there are a few twists and surprises throughout the episode that are both amusing and clever. The show looks like it follow the procedural formula with an ongoing story line about a serial killer named “Red John” who has greatly affected Jane’s life. As punishment for causing excessive damage while investigating a case, Virgil tells Teresa that she and her team are off the Red John case. Read the recap and review to find out what happened on CBS's The Mentalist.


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