True Blood Review (Season 1, Episode Unknown)

Ever since Bela Lugosi's classic performance in Dracula back in 1931, the vampire has mostly been portrayed as a suave and sexy beast. True Blood attempts to remake some of those 77 year old stereotypes while amplifying the vampire-as-sex object theme to near ridiculous heights. Bela's depiction of a slick-haired Dracula that swooped in from the night to bite poor Lucy Weston was so formative to vampire lore that it continues to color our idea of how a vampire is supposed to look and act. Although I haven't made an official count myself, I'd bet the boob to blood ratio is pretty high. That said, its good to have a show that wants to deal directly in sex and gore on HBO. If you're going to go to the sex and violence well, you might as well come back with a bucketful.

The portrayal is shallow and poorly acted. Sookie's brother Jason's bizarre downward spiral continues as he discovers that his girl on the side has also been with a vampire. Although the character's motivations are believable, the execution isn't. As the episode draws to a close, Sookie finds Dawn (Jason's side woman) dead in her home. Thus making a second murder that Jason could be tied to. Eventually his obsession with the vampires kills his libido and he seeks out vampire blood as a means to gain back what he lost.

This is an element of the plot that should be explored further and should've been explored much sooner. Bill returns to the three vampires from the beginning of the episode and we finally get to see the internal conflicts that the vampires must feel about coming out into the human's world. All in all, the show continues to show flashes of its potential. Sookie's best friend Tara Thornton (played by Rutina Wesley) is believable and whip smart. I hope we see more of her.


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