Episode Recap: "The Injured Party"

Who isn't an injured party in the world of the Darlings? That's a much shorter list. Betrayals, lies, fighting, broken promises all play prominently here. Oh and Leticia is drunk behind the wheel of the car. How will this episode of Dirty Sexy Money turn out?

I was thinking how nice it is to see Tish out of the house driving and singing, until she runs over that young girl, Wren. It's never a good thing when a blond waif ends up under the front wheel of a Darling's car. Or is allowed to convalesce in their home. She wends herself into their lives, particularly Nick and Tripp's. The girl thinks Tripp is a saint, telling him there are a "million second chances," but she likes that he holds onto the first one. She may be more dangerous than Simon. And for all we know, she might be working for him.

The George's have gotten a new Kiki. I didn't think it was Chloe Moretz, the kid who took over for Ellen Fanning as the George's daughter. I watched it twice with Chloe's picture up and was convinced. The new Kiki is Darcy Rose Byrnes, a 10-year old veteran of The Bold and the Beautiful and The Young and the Restless. She's listed as being in two more upcoming episodes. Chloe has been busy starring in several new movies, so perhaps she's left her life as a TV star for the fast and furious world of cinema.

When Nola speaks loudly at Tripp like he's deaf, it was simply hilarious. Tripp knows that Nola wants something from Patrick and yet Paddy is too stupid to see that. She wants to get Paddy into Agriculture — it isn't evident right away what for, but it becomes apparent that it's all about Simon having a political ally for his bio fuel. He is just using the Darlings to position himself to take over the world, or at least their world.

Not only is Simon a real jackdonkey, running/ruining Karen and Nola's lives, but now he slithers into Lisa's gallery and tries to give her some grist for the marriage mill. He offers her a look at that conversation between Nick and Karen, but Lisa whips out a scruple and refuses to watch. But curiosity being what it is, she calls him back to see it and is crushed. She shows up at the Darling party and goes medieval on.

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