This movie rock'd!

When i watched the trailer of this movie, i knew i had to watch it, and watch it did i. I was amazing and brilliant. I love Luke Brandon, and his sexy English accent, it is so cool. And the movie is romance and funny, so it's Romance comedy movie. I love the ending. Don't you just think that Luke Brandon is so fit, well, i do, in fact, he is yummy especially with that sexy English accent. I is erotic just listening to him talk. Anyways watch the movie. BTW I loved the girl too, Rebecca Brommes(I think that's how her last name is spelled) anyhow, i loved her, she is so beautiful and sexy and such a good actress. This movie rock'd( i can spell rocked but i prefer to write it like this) Anyhows, WATCH THE MOVIE!!!!!

BTW this is Bi, Martins sister not Martins.


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