Rufus Getting Married Review

Now, why I am die-hard Gossip Girl fan, I was slightly let down by this episode. Sure there was the classic sarcasm and one liners from Blair Waldorf and everyone's favorite knight in shining armor, Chuck Bass, but it lacked a main plot...or possibly had too many sub-plots.

In this episode, Serena's not-going-to-Brown factor was diminished, and she faced by the age old question on whether Carter was the one. I don't know about you, but that theme has been used a few two many times this season. Can they please be together? Although, they are never going to match up to the royal Chair.

Other than that, Serena basically organized her mom's wedding in less than a unlikely feat even for a Van Der Woodsen.

Dan's girlfriend Olivia (the boring Hilary Duff) was also absent. So Dan's main plotline this episode was an attempt at a Blair Waldorf-style scheme, which was to burn Georgina. And being the classic, smart, nerdy Dan, he couldn't fool her. He ended up finding out he had a brother, which didn't quite hit the emotional tear-jerker as I would have hoped.

Vanessa, being the character in Gossip Girl that no one quite cares about, was fairly boring in this episode, but it's not like anyone expected more of her. It will be interesting to see how she goes at college (which might I add - there has been no actual classes or studying yet) with no high school experience. I do still wonder how she got into NYU, but then again it is Gossip Girl, so anything is possible.

Jenny, and her best pal Eric were for the fifth time just extras on set, with a possible line here or there. What happened to the Jenny plot, a la season one and two?

Chuck, my favorite character, didn't play much of a part either. He basically just had the dirt on both Bree and Carter and decided who he wanted the share it with. You'll hopefully agree with me on this, my favorite scene was when he was massaging Blair. Further down the track, I wonder how long they'll keep the Chair love bird story line going for before it expires. Believe me, I love them together but I do love them more when they are angry at each-other. Perhaps a engagement soon? They would be adorable.

Blair was her typically snappy self, delivering smooth one-liners. The restaurant scene with Nate, Bree, Blair and Chuck was funny to watch, especially when Blair mentioned how southerners enjoy slaves. She did seem feistier than normal at Chuck though.

Nate and Bree broke up, and Nate realized once again that Bree wasn't who he thought she was. Geez, he's got quite the list of ex's now. Serena, Blair, Jenny, Vanessa....

Rufus and Lily's marriage was the key to this episode. I like both of them enough, but I wish they had gone down the path of the wedding Rufus was talking about. It was cute when the pair and Scott were all hugging and happy.

Carter, whom I'll admit I have a crush on and love his smile, was played by Bree, or was it Chuck? I couldn't tell. What I could tell though was that he is in love with Serena and I hope they keep together. Next episode he'll play a big part in the storyline I'm sure, and hopefully Serena will save the day.

Georgina was her usual back-stabbing self. It's funny how Dan and Vanessa still liked her at the start of the season before realizing that no-one really changes. With Michelle Tratchenberg, who plays Georgina, a regular on the new show Mercy, I wonder how long it will it be before she get booted by Blair or Chuck again.



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