the most realistic series i have ever seen

sex and the city

*the four women act so naturally, i really love them!

*i love sarah's eyes it makes me stare at her for a long time. haha

*i have watched it all including the movie and i am expecting a season 7 because i think the story of john and carrie doesn't end at the movie. (meeting the mom of mr. big, and the cheating of BIG in every marriage he had, etc.)

*darren star did a pretty good job in creating this series ^_^



Aug 19, 2008 9:10PM EDT

realistic? oh c'mon... how many times have you seen a slut who sleeps around being cherished by a much much younger guy and staying at the lobby of a hotel while she is cheating on him with a guy on the penthouse just to make sure she will get home safe?

How many times have you seen some dude clinging on a woman who can't stop being a drama queen, is high HIGH maintenance, i mean sarah is portraying a woman who has 40.000 $ worth of shoes and wears them once or never.
It was written by dude who knows the key to success. Breaking taboos.
So it is a taboo for a woman having the sexual mentality of a guy who sleeps around, the whole 'cinderella' for sarah, the 'coey slut' for the married one, and the 'cold hearted' for the redhead.
That's fine on paper and on the screne, but seriously, ask any man in real life that does not happen. Yeah sexually they might be desired but no man would bow to a woman like that unless he's damaged goods.

Default avatar cat
Sep 5, 2008 10:57PM EDT

(1st paragraph of yours)= well i haven't SEEN one of course but YOUNG guys are still naive of the meaning of love.. and they stick to them depending on how they are dedicated to them. at least one guy in new york has that kind of personality
(2nd paragraph of yours)= well he's a rich dude, and they keep bumping into each other. something is IN there that keeps their relationship.
(4th)= the writter made a story that probably describes different personality of most new york women. what's the problem in that?
(5th)= well i kind of noticed, it looks like your are not that lucky in your love life that is why your a little harsh in defining love that happens everyday. XD
* well if you don't like it, why hate it? move on! :P

Default avatar cat
Oct 13, 2008 6:48AM EDT

1. Just because it doesn't happen in your life or around you doesn't mean it doesn't happen.
2. What's your point? Are you saying it is unrealistic for women to own shoes and not wear them all? Are you telling me that no man would desire a women who can be a drama queen (not that she is particularly a drama queen, because she isn't) And are you telling me that no man would desire a woman that is high maintenance? Sorry to be blunt but what planet are you on? You have just described about half the female population, hense the realism. BIG desires her for her, not for how often she wears her shoes or how many clothes she has.
3. The writer has clearly showed 4 very different women with different personalities and morals so that we as the audience can relate to at least one of them. You will find most girls will pick one character that they believe are most like them. This is why he is successful, because every woman can relate, thats the key to success. It's about women looking for love in very different ways, this is true of every woman.
4. Not sure what your getting at here?
5. The men do not BOW to them for starters. If you don't feel any of those four characters are desirable to you then fine, but this is not true for the entire male population. All four characters are beautiful, intelligent and have hearts of gold, i find it hard to believe that is not desirable to a man.

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May 14, 2009 6:59AM EDT

so, seriously, you f**k different guy each night?despite your selfishness?despite your childish attitude "i want, i am a person, uh, oh, you are not making me pancakes - we are over, i i i i i i i" ?despite all your limitations? (i love fashion too, but the world is not fashion only)despite the fact that others may bring you mountains but you will slightly move your ass?even if there are more beautiful women around? (let's face it - a one night stand is not based on personality)
i've just finished watching this show. as a fan of FriendS i like watching tv shows from the 90s. this one seriously disappointed me. it was interesting - yes - but i was expecting something better after all this sex-in-the-city-craziness.
supporting characters seem ok, after all they somehow present the caricatures of certain women archetypes. BUT THIS MAIN HEROINE???this is my 1st post here, i am seriously worried about all these who feel they could identify with this woman. believe me - you are probably better than her and don't even know it!
i am 20 and i've never lacked male attention. guess what? they are human beings too and they have feelings. i do not think that if you concentrate on your own universe 24/7 and are unaware of the word "compromise" you could keep a man by yourself, like some trained pet. i do not think it is always their fault - why should it be someone's fault anyway? - isn't it that both sides should be responsible for the problems in relationship? and then, what about solving those problems? what about trying? do we really need to give up on a guy every time we get scarred?
i hope all these web articles are lying... i hope there are only a few girls out there who would like to be like carrie... not a lot of them.
i'm just shocked.guys - just sorry, do not take this whole series seriouslygirls - why?

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