It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia Episode Recap: "Mac Fights Gay Marriage" Season 6, Episode 2

In our second episode of the season, we are back to tackling the topic of marriage. Now, however, everyone seems to be trying to get out of their new relationships. Dennis, still realizing the terrible mistake he's made with Maureen, is trying to sneak out of the apartment without waking her. Not only does she wake up but also reminds him that she has no job, has taken over the apartment and is - as Dennis puts it - "all mine, all the time".

At Patty's, Frank and Charlie's marriage has obviously hit the rocks. Frank still thinks he's getting nothing out of the deal and is explaining to Charlie that what he thought was a phone bill was actually a pre-nup that he signed. The obvious question and confusion of signing a phone bill is quickly brought to light by Dennis. Mac is enjoying a bath right at the bar - as he has no home thanks to Dennis' bride and new roommate. Receiving text after text from Bill Ponderosa, it is shown that Dee has become the object of his affection - to the point where he's even bought her a new car. Unfortunately, it also seems that he's come clean to his wife and attempts to move in with Dee, downgrading what suddenly seemed like a sweet deal for her.

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