I Love it

I've been reading what some people are saying about the series and anyone that hates it is crazy. I think its one of the best things currently on t.v. i look forward to seeing news episodes every sunday and dont know what im gonna do for the next 2 weeks when its not gonna be airing. Unlike the things currently on t.v. this show is different and interesting, although i love certain crime shows there are WAY too many out there, if its not crime its teen high school drama. Come on as good as some of the shows might be its ALWAYS the same thing. Legend of The Seeker isn't and thats why it drew me in, the look of the show reminded me of Robin Hood on BBC but once i started watching it i truly fell in love with the action, storylines, and characters. Im in love with this show, i can't get enough its really a problem haha :)



Dec 10, 2008 2:59PM EST

OMG me too i love this show :Dit reminds me of a cross between robin hood and merlin both on the bbc and both i lovehaha its a great show and i can't wait till it comes out in the UK if it ever will

Default avatar cat
Dec 10, 2008 7:57PM EST

i never saw merlin but i loove robin hood and doctor who..i guess il try it out.

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