Not my favorite

i love the harry potter series and although i never got around to reading all of the books the movies were always fantastic. This one seemed so much darker then all the others. I know the books are supposed to be dark and it makes sense because the characters are growing up but even the plain look of the movie was so dark and gloomy, i always enjoyed some of the funny, sweet scenes in the film that depicted life at hogwarts when they werent fighting against evil...this one barely had any. Just the romance storylines which kept being brought up but not really dealt with. Overall i think the movie was just too fast, its like it was rushed i found myself so lost in the story because of how quick everything was happening and how it didnt really have an explanation to any of it. From what ive read about what actually happens in the book i think it would have been a better idea to break this movie up into 2 parts like theyre planning on doing with Deadly Hollows or even make the movie longer anything to give it more of an explanation. Don't get me wrong i still liked the movie there were some really great parts but it was very different from the style of the potter films we've grown to love.


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