not that impressed

im a huge fan of spy shows and movies, i loved alias both when it was on and off the air going into covert affairs i hoped for something along the same lines.

now i know that covert affairs is more realistic than alias was but i wish the show had more "umph"

i find myself not really getting that interested in either the characters nor the storyline, and get bored halfway through the episode.

i think this show has potential and im not saying its bad i just expected more out of it. covert affairs is kinda like what alias wouldve been like if we started from the moment sydney first became a spy. although piper does a great job i was hoping for more kick-ass scenes...not just seeing her grow into being a spy.

oh and augie? i mean ok its new to have a blind guy in tech but i really hope something happens halfway through the season and he gets his sight back, id rather see him going into the field ( which it seems like he used to do according to the pilot)


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