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The episode where springfield mall gets a apple store "mapple" and bart plugs in a mic to voice over steve jobs "steve mobs" video where he denounces all the stupid apple social elitist customers telling them they are idiots for spending over $500 for a phone when all it takes to make one is a few dollars and then he pees on them and why they (the apple company) is retarded for firing steve jobs just to hire him back ten years later. Then the best part is when barney runs up and flings a hammer at the apple store just like the classic apple commercial from 1984. This is classic simpsons humor. and I love it.


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Dec 2, 2008 7:40PM EST

Well it wasn't Barney but with the rest i totally agree. That was Simpsons oldschool and I loved this episode.

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Dec 4, 2008 10:41AM EST

Good episode it takes a leaf out of southparks book with the whole going really deep into the whole apple machine that has corupted everyone =o, its a shame sony didnt advertise well enough their mp3 players otherwise they would have some of the best, in my opinion anyways the apple ipods are generally rubish and years behind other products you can get for cheaper.

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Dec 11, 2008 10:34AM EST

It's true, they're shabby. I've been through several iPods and I know people who've had the same Zune for years. Apple is a classic example of what's wrong with american society. If it's pretty, we want it, and we don't really care if it works or not just as long as we can show our friends at work that we're SO SUPER HIP AND WE LIKE U2 EVEN THOUGH THEY'RE TERRIBLE. God, I hate Apple lovers. And I hate U2.

Apr 11, 2010 7:35PM EDT

Jeff Albertson, AKA comic book guy throws it actually. And Matt already used the parody in Futurama in the episode Future Stock (3ACV21). So it isn't really original. It was shown March 2002 so about 7 years old. Plus Matt likes to rip on Apple (many many jokes). Not my favourite episode - the whole iPod boom went ages ago and Family Guy already overdone the iPod commercial gag. So bit behind the times. People have moved on now. Now South Park hit the nail on the head with Farmville (or whatever it's called) I am Stan. What is the point of facebook? It's just like a butler bring you your emails. It's just weird.

Apr 11, 2010 7:40PM EDT

P.S. Sony are worse!!! Their TVs are overpriced and inferior! they make way too many products, why not stick to one your good at instead of millions you're bad at. Everyone says microsoft are evil but look at Sony!!! Their phones are awful, just awful. Had the Anno... Oh my God, I'm on the 4th one now. Same problem each time. Switches itself on and off. Freezes. Cuts off calls. Everyone I talk to on internet says they're poo. A good MP3 player is your phone. It's all you need. A good phone. My girlfriend has Nokia and that is awesome so buy a nokia if you want a good MP3 player.

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