One Piece Season 10, Episode 439 Preview "Luffy's Treatment Begins! Ivan's Miraculous Ability"

Sad that your favorite shows are off for the Olympics? Never fear, Japanese TV is still going without a hiccup, and One Piece continues to be on a roll!

Last week, Bon Clay and Luffy barely survived the perils of Level 5, the freezing hell of Impel Down. But they were saved from certain death by Inazuma and the other cross-dressers of New Kama Land. Now it's up to Emporio Ivancov to purge the Straw Hat of Magellan's vicious poison before it's too late.

The clock is still ticking, and it's only 26 hours to Ace's execution - can Luffy survive his ordeal and break through the remaining levels of Impel Down before Ace meets his seemingly unescapable doom?

Find out next week, when One Piece Season 10, Episode 439 "Luffy's Treatment Begins! Ivan's Miraculous Ability!" airs on February 20.


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