Dragon Ball Z Kai Dub Cast Announced by FUNimation - Featured

FUNimation is at it again, bringing back as much of the original cast as possible for the English dub of what is now called Dragon Ball Z Kai, the remake of the legendary TV anime.

Returning from Dragon Ball Z, we have:

Goku - Sean Schemmel

Vegeta/Piccolo - Christopher R. Sabat

Raditz - Justin Cook

Master Roshi - Mike McFarland

Tiean - John Burgmeier

Ox King - Kyle Hebert

Chi-Chi - Cynthia Cranz

Nappa - Phil Parsons

Frieza - Linda Chambers Young

Krillin/Bardock - Sonny Strait

There are some new faces as well, who can hopefully do well in this re-cut, re-animated version of Dragon Ball Z.

Gohan - Collen Clinkenbeard

Bulma - Monica Rial

Narrator - Doc Morgan

Chiaotzu/Puar - Brina Palencia

The DVDs will start coming out on May 18, 2010, but rest assured that FUNimation is always thinking about you Dragon Ball Z fans!


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