Japanator First Impression: Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu Purezza

This is a romantic comedy. A harem anime. The worst offender. The last season was more about the two main characters and secret keepers getting to know each other better, and I assume that this second season would show how they further their relationship. But you wouldn't know from the first epsode. Really, no time is wasted. The show opens with an onsen episode. Breasts are bared, as are asses.

I'm sure there's a good story to be told as far as the couple's relationship goes, but we'll have to get a few episodes in first. So far, all we know through this first episode onsen-based character recap is that Yuto is surrounded by hot girls that shed their clothes often. The fact that Haruka is a closet otaku is barely even touched on.

What I liked:

* The trick intro (you'll see)

* In-episode store Animers (Gamers, anyone?)

* The shameless T&A already

What I didn't like:

* The trick intro (you'll see)

* The lack of story

* The shameless T&A already

Source: Japanator


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